All New AI Composite Fins - Time to Dive Faster and Smarter

All New AI Composite Fins - Time to Dive Faster and Smarter

jbl spearguns composite freedive fins with clear octopus and camouflage prints

Introducing our new line of A.I. inspired composite fin blades (the A.I. stands for almost invisible). We've combined 30 years of composite design and manufacturing with our 50 years of spearfishing innovation to produce the best damn blade on the market. These blades provide a uniform stiffness at the foot and taper to a soft or medium flex at the blade's end to produce maximum thrust while minimizing leg fatigue. These dive fins look incredible. A proprietary resin delivery process combined with ultra fine fiber weave cloth allows for the brilliant translucent finish that make the graphics pop at certain angles and semi see-thru at others. Available in medium and soft stiffness with three graphic choices: Ghost Clear, Vertigo or Brilliant Octopus.

AI Composite Features:

  • Composite Fiber Fin Blade
  • Proprietary Lay-Up Process
  • Tapered Blade Profile
  • 26° Blade Angle
  • Stiff Blade Base for Maximum Transfer of Energy
  • Available in Soft and Medium Stiffness
  • Full Foot Pocket that Utilizes Three Material Densities
  • Stiff Foot Pocket Bed for Enhanced Thrust
  • Soft Foot Pocket Upper for Reduced Foot Fatigue
  • Modular Design
  • TPU Side Rails
  • Embedded JBL Tuna Coffin Logo

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