JBL Spearguns 2024 Catalog Available Now!

JBL Spearguns 2024 Catalog Available Now!


JBL International Unveils 2024 Spearfishing and Freediving Catalog, Featuring Cutting-Edge Gear and Innovation

Oceanside, Ca – JBL International, a leading provider of spearfishing, dive, and freediving equipment, today announced the release of its highly anticipated 2024 catalog. This comprehensive guide showcases the company's latest innovations, performance-driven designs, and expanded selection of gear for both seasoned spearfishers and aspiring freedivers.

This year's catalog is more than just a collection of products. It represents our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of spearfishing and empowering our customers in the pursuit of underwater exploration.

2024 Catalog Highlights:

  • Reaper Roller Spearguns: Introducing the Reaper Roller series of spearguns, engineered for ultimate accuracy and power. These spearguns feature a roller muzzle with kicker band unlike anything seen before
  • Nitro Bands with COMPOUND X: All Nitro Bands for spearguns and polespears come with COMPOUND X. A proprietary formula that's easier to load and delivers the same power you expect.
  • Shaka Roller Polespears: The Shaka polespears are raised to an all new level. Hunt fish like never with a polespear like never before thanks to the Shaka Roller's innovative design and unstoppable power.

Where to Get the Catalog:

Download the all new catalog here!

About JBL International

JBL International has been at the forefront of spearfishing and freediving equipment for over 50 years. Driven by a passion for the ocean and underwater exploration, the company designs innovative, high-quality tools to empower spearfishing and underwater enthusiasts of all levels.

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