All New: Reaper Roller Spearguns

All New: Reaper Roller Spearguns

Introducing the JBL Reaper Roller speargun series, featuring the Mantis two-band hybrid muzzle. This advanced roller railgun creates maximum power with its combination of a roller and kicker band. Pull the trigger and the kicker band provides an initial snap surge of energy while the roller band launches the spearshaft, providing thrust the entire length of the barrel. The end result of this incredible stretch is blisteringly fast shots and longer ranges. Self lubricating roller wheels and a smooth axel eliminate spin friction and the need for ceramic bearings. Precision-turned band anchors offer simple roller band removal. Plus, its TPU load loop prevents the need for any extra loading contraptions… or severed fingers. Available in sizes from 70 to 110cm, or as a kit to convert any Reaper to a Roller. After a lengthy development process, we've perfected the roller railgun. The end result is a fish shooting powerhouse.


Reaper Roller Features:

  • Mantis Roller Muzzle with integrated kicker band
  • Self lubricating roller wheels
  • Aircraft grade aluminum barrel with integrated rail for ultimate accuracy and minimal flex
  • 9/32” heat treated stainless steel shaft with integrated Point and tuned flopper. Threaded shafts are available separately
  • 5/8″ Kicker Nitro Band with COMPOUND X
  • 5/8″ Roller Nitro Band with COMPOUND X
  • Triple core Spectra wishbones
  • TPU load loop
  • Integrated barrel float chamber – Speargun floats without spearshaft
  • Optional gun butt for easy loading
  • Integrated rail mount for accessories
  • .25″ stainless steel sear and line release
  • Ambidextrous safety and line release
  • Open muzzle
  • Ergonomic handle
  • American Made

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