Nitro DIY Kit
Nitro DIY Kit

Nitro DIY Kit

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These kits include everything you need to make your own Nitro Bands. Make bands custom tailored to your performance needs.

Confucius once said “Control the bands and you will control the shaft. Control the shaft and you will control your destiny…” Or something like that. We’ve created Nitro Kits for divers looking to take their spearfishing experience to the next level. Nitro Kits allow divers to cut and make bands in any length for any application. Making a roller gun? Or a 6 band tuna cannon? Either way the Nitro Kit has you covered. Each kit includes 5 feet of Nitro Rubber, 3 triple core Spectra wishbones, and 3 feet of Spectra tie cord.

Nitro Rubber features a unique manufacturing process and latex formula and that delivers unparalleled modulus strength. Nitro Rubber feature an exponential power to stretch ratio to deliver maximum shaft propulsion. This means your shot goes from A-to-Fish before your target knows what hit it. Pull the trigger and let Nitro Bands do the rest. In addition to exceptional performance, Nitro Bands are designed for long lasting use. Nitro Rubber is infused with special anti-oxidants to help protect against harmful UV rays. Wishbones are made from triple core Spectra for silent operation and extreme durability.


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